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T'challa was born from Mountain near Wakanda area. Eventually the Wakanda tribe found him and raised his as their own. As a young child he had one friend

Yzma. After 20 years of living. He eventually grew to be A smart engineer. Up in the sky he realized the power of the Ozone and wanted to harness the power. after some tests he realized that the Ozone was invisible so he wanted that power to protect his home, Wakanda. He created a powerful machine with the power to harness the ozone. So they found the perfect spot to harness the energy. The Robot they call Bad Panther is over 25 miles long and uses a straw to suck in the ozones energy.

The WW2 Era Edit

After he built his robot he realized that him and all of wakanda couldn't take care of the whole robot alone. Because of this fact he decided to go to the war broken country of Germany. After the Great War Germany lost and a lot of people lost there jobs. Because of that fact he thought that would be the best place to start. On his way there he realized he would stand out so he made an alter ego for him and is parents. He became Adolf Hitler. His Mother Ramonda Became Klara Hitler. And his father T'Chaka Became Alois Hitler. Some people think that Adolf killed the Jews but thats not true he just pet them on his big robot, Bad Panther. (No im not justifying Hitlers actions). After he got the wokers that he needed he needed to kill himself off because he was a wanted war bad guy. So he killed himself and lived. Now he is alive and Hitler is dead

Chernobyl Meltdown Edit

Chernobyl was a nuclear power plant that had a melt down in witch made the area deserted. People think it happend because the work people made a bad oopsie but that just not the case. The giant robot Bad Panther was running low of fuel that day so T'chala had a great idea. He sent his best pilot squad to invade and take most of the plants power. The leader of squad was T'Chunka the best pilot wakanda had to offer. He was such a good pilot he didn't need an air craft. He was known as The Great Flying Jew. Him and his fleet went out to Chernobyl. Once there they infiltrated the power plant locking all of the plants workers in a room. Then they got to work. They started to plugin there ships to the reactors. Once the ships storage tanks where almost full they told one of the pilots to turn the reactors off. But he accidentally pulled the wrong lever. Pulling that lever caused the hold place start to explode. The Jew fleet quickly retreated back to wakanda with there tanks full of nuclear power to keep Bad Panther running.

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